Design concept:

 Design brief: The design started with the idea in mind that it should be

a recognizable icon but also something different.


A tiger is a symbol of the east but it is also a strong animal with cat characteristics.

A cat in general is a playful animal with a strong curiosity and adventurous spirit.

Also a cat and so on a tiger is attractable to both boys and girls

because it is a cute and beautiful and delicate as it moves but in the same time

it is strong and king of its castle.


So i started designing a little tiger.

To be different i painted it blue so it is not a regular tiger as we know it but more close to the children imagination that is open to many explanations why the tiger is blue and not yellow like all the other tigers.


Is it an alien tiger? It could be..

Is it a king tiger that we have never seen? Maybe..

Is it a tiger from the clear blue sky? Why not?


So with the option of the different color everything is open to many possibilities.


The character can make a lot of moves and he is capable to stand up, sit down

but also run, jump and play.

The main design meant to be flexible to as many moves it can but also not to lose the tiger (cat) characteristics.


So STRIP (from the word striped) is playful, adventurous, curious and likes to swim in the sea as much as he likes to run in the open. He is not afraid of heights and sometimes he chases his tail, for fun. But most of all he likes ice creams!


Mascot Production: The materials of the mascot are meant to be fabric like cotton for softness and washability.

The stripes can be another another fabric sewed above. All the extra characteristics like eyes and nose also fabric for maximum softness and to be more attractable to touching. The fabric could have different

sewing complexity with one another. The size of the doll should not exceed 25 cm.