Collection Contents and Requirements:

The invitation for mascot design aims to boost the brand influence of Chenghai Toys. The invitation is open to designers from around the world, and veteran industrial professionals and experts will be invited for a professional evaluation.
The design should be highly identifiable and attractable, and reflect children’s tastes. Moreover, the design should highlight the distinct modern elements. Designer will be allowed to name his or her designed mascot.
Submissions should include color images of three different angles, front, back and side images. Designers should keep the 300dpi source files of the mascot design. Once a design is chosen, the designer should be able to provide the source files to the organizing committee and sign a copyright transfer agreement.
A brief design explanation, either in Chinese or English, should be included in the submission.
A brief explanation of mascot production materials and production details should also be included.
The Leading Panel of the Exemplary Base for
Foreign Trade Transformation & Upgrading in Shantou