Introduction for the Chenghai Toys Base:

Located at the northeast of Shantou Special Economic Zone, the Chenghai Toys Base of Shantou City, Guangdong Province, is A National Exemplary Base for Foreign Trade Transformation & Upgrading. The base boasts nearly 4,500 toy manufacturing businesses and supporting businesses, with a total employment of over 200,000, among which four are public listed companies (of five of publicly traded companies within the industry in the country) and nine largest companies with production volume over 100 million RMB. The number of businesses, production scale and supporting services for the industry all lead the way in the country and products from the base are sold to more than 140 countries and regions. Products from three manufacturers have earned the exemption from regulatory customs inspection, while 426 products have received the honor of China’s Well-Known Trademarks, Guangdong Well-Known Trademarks and have registered their trademarks overseas. The overall production value for 2013 reached RMB 31 billion and toys worth US$2.769 billion were exported at the same year. Aiming to become a famous international toys center and the “Silicon Valley for Toys,” Chenghai Toys Base will vigorously push for the establishment of an integrated industrial center for R&D and creative product design, so as to further promote agglomeration effect of toy industry in Chenghai. The base will develop various specialized clusters, such as headquarters, logistics and well-known innovations.
The goal is to set up a new establishment of concentration of headquarters, specialization of industrial zones, industrial sections with different features and magnitude of brand businesses. The world will see an entirely new Chenghai Toys Base and the World’s Toys Dream Factory will be the new watchword for the base to bring to light its power as a reputable manufacturing brand in the world.
Organizing Committee:

The Leading Panel of the Exemplary Base for Foreign Trade Transformation & Upgrading in Shantou
The People's Government of Chenghai District of Shantou City, Guangdong, China
Shantou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau
Canton Fair Advertising Co., Ltd.
Canton Fair Product Design & Trade Promotion Centre
Shantou Chamber of Commerce of Importers and Exporters
Evaluation Committee Members:

There are a total of nine judges in the committee, including three local officials or representatives from the toy industry, two well-known domestic designers, and four internationally acclaimed designers.
Activity Awards and Bonuses Settings:

A Best Design will be selected and awarded EUR 10,000. Five excellent designs will be selected and awarded EUR 1,000 each. All the above prizes will be pre-taxed prizes.